Syncwire 3.5mm Audio Cable


The Syncwire audio cable provides two 3.5mm plugs for connecting together audio devices. For many people this item would be useful for connecting mobile phones to car audio systems or external speakers.

I’ve previously been pleased with Syncwire products so when I needed a new cable in my car I decided to buy one of theirs.

The cable itself is 1m (3.3ft) long and has a 3.5mm connector at each end. The connectors are fairly slimline which makes it much easier to use with a phone where the headphone socket may be restricted due to cases etc.

Syncwire audio cable connector

3.5mm to 3.5mm cables are often referred to as “AUX” cables as the input to sound systems with 3.5mm jacks are often referred to as “auxiliary inputs”.

The cable is slightly rubberised and as such will resist tangling. The black cable helps it blend into the interior of my car while the red bands make the connectors a little bit more visible.

Syncwire audio cable

The twin-pack makes the purchase good value for money at $6.80 (£6.99).

The cable would be suitable for connecting the following devices to the AUX input of a sound system :

  • Mobile phones
  • MP3 players
  • Car stereos
  • Tablets

You can purchase the Syncwire 3.5mm audio cable twin pack from Amazon.


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