ADX Firefight MK02 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Modes


The ADX Firefight MK02 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is sold in PC World / Currys. It provides a number of light modes but these aren’t explained very well in the documentation. Here is a list of the available light modes to help you configure your keyboard.

I purchased this keyboard as I wanted key illumination. It seemed to be a sensible price for a keyboard with a number of lighting options and a bit of customisation. My main use for it is typing and productivity tasks rather than gaming and I’m happy with it so far.

MK02 Specifications

  • Model AFXMK0217 / ADXMK0217
  • Dimensions : 148 x 450 x 40 mm (221 x 450 x 40 mm with wrist rest)
  • Net Weight 1.25kg (1.36kg with wrist rest)

ADX MK02 Gaming Keyboard User Manual

The official user manual is available from the TeamKnowHow support site :

ADX MK02 RGB Mechanial Gaming Keyboard User Manual

User Manual Summary

The interesting bits from the user manual are :

ADX MK02 Mechanical Keyboard User Manual ADX MK02 Mechanical Keyboard User Manual ADX MK02 Mechanical Keyboard User Manual

ADX MK02 Gaming Keyboard Light modes

To set one of the preset RGB lighting modes press [Fn]+[Insert].

The preset back-light effects will cycle through the sequence shown below :

1OffNo lights
2Side FadeAll keys fade on/off left to right.
3Row fadeEach line has a different colour and the colour moves from top to bottom
4Single KeyAll keys off. Pressing key lights up and slowly fades off.
5Single ColourWhole keyboard fades in and out.
6Whole Keyboard Colour FadeWhole keyboard slowly fades between the colours.
7Single Key BurstAll keys off. Pressing a key sends out a burst across whole keyboard.
8Permanently onAll keys are illuminated with single colour
9Rainbow KeysAll keys lit up in random colours. Colours slowly cycle.
10Line burstAll keys off. Pressing key lights up keys in the same row with a single colour.
11Random one colourAll keys quickly randomly fade in and out with a single colour.

[Fn]+[Delete] will change the colour for some of the modes. For example in mode 2 pressing [Fn]+[Delete] will allow you to choice the colour that is used for the left-to-right fade.

Some of the effects are very similar so you might need to run through the sequence on your keyboard to find your place in the sequence.

Note: The “ADX” brand appears to be a renamed version of “AFX”. As far as I can tell the “AFX MK02” is the same keyboard as the “ADX MK02”.


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