Gritin USB-C Cable 3 Pack


The Gritin USB-C Cable 3 Pack is a cheap option for charging or transferring data with your USB-C enabled devices.

We now have two new smartphones in our household and they use USB-C rather than the more widespread micro-USB. We’ve got loads of micro-USB chargers and cables but needed a few more USB-C cables to use in the car and with portable battery packs.

The 2M Syncwire USB-C Cable I reviewed previously has been working perfectly next to the sofa for those evenings of dual-screening with Netflix. I ordered the Gritin pack (£8/$11) to ensure I could charge our phones in the car or when out and about with USB power banks.

Gritin USB-C Cable 3 Pack

Gritin USB-C Cable 3 Pack

The cables are well made and come bundled with white elastic bands. A feature that is more useful than you might expect is the length labels on each cable. When you know how long a cable is it is much easier to pick the correct one out of a drawer of other cables. I wish all cables came with length labels.

If you don’t like them they can easily be cut off.

Gritin USB-C Cables

The connectors are brushed-aluminium with a black rubber strain relief band. When connected to the Samsung charger they offer Fast Charging for my Samsung S9.

2M Gritin USB-C Cable

The silver braid is a nice touch and makes the cable feel a bit more high-tech than my old collection of microUSB cables. The only downside I can think of it that the braid will collect dirt over time in a way a gloss plastic-coated cable would not. How this affects you will depend largely on what environments you use it in and how messy you are!

Overall I’m very pleased with these cables. I’ve put the 1M cable in the car and keep the other two for charging and data transfer.

If you need some USB-C cables for a bargain price I can recommend this set of three.

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You can buy this set of cables from Amazon :


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