Choetech Wireless Charging Pad Review


With the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X wireless charging is back in the news. The technology allows you to charge a compatible device simply by placing it in contact with a specially designed pad.

When looking for a wireless charging solution you should look for devices using the “Qi” standard. Qi (from the Chinese word qi, “energy flow”) is an open interface standard that defines wireless power transfer using inductive charging over distances of up to 4  cm (1.6 inches).

It is the standard used by most of the large technology companies creating mobile devices including Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and Asus.

To charge my Samsung S7 I purchased a Choetech wireless charging pad earlier this year and have recently got two more. We have two at home and one on my desk at work.

Cheotech Wireless Charging Pad

At this point I’ll make something clear as it seems to cause some confusion. The product consists of a “pad” and a standard USB cable. The “wireless” charging occurs between the pad and your device. The pad needs to be connected to a USB port using the USB cable to provide power. This USB port could be on an existing mains charger, a USB enabled wall socket or a computer. Some comments on Amazon suggested that buyers were surprised by the need to power it at all and they seemed to expect it to power a phone from thin air.

Cheotech Wireless Charging Pad

The photo above is my Samsung S7 sat on the pad. The instructions suggest the phone needs to align with the edges of the pad but it charges fine if placed along a diagonal.

Cheotech Wireless Charging Pad

When the phone is placed on the pad it acknowledges there is a power source and the pad’s blue light illuminates.

Charging speeds are not as quick as using the Samsung wall charger but this is more than made up for in convenience.


  • No need to plug in a cable
  • Reduces wear on the phone’s USB socket
  • Perfect for a bedside table or desk
  • Easy for other people to place their device on an unused pad
  • Can be shared between Apple and Android users


  • Can’t easily use the phone while it is charging
  • Not as fast as a standard charger

For me the low-cost and convenience of this charging device make it a brilliant purchase. If you know someone with a compatible phone then it would make a nice gift. It won’t completely replace the need for a traditional phone charger but is a tidy addition to any household. In a shared area everyone can make use of it without messy cables.

Buy One Now

I purchased my Choetech Qi wireless charging pad from Amazon. At the time of writing these were priced at £15.99 ($12.99) but I paid £8.50 for mine.

Here are some additional photos :


The Choetech charging pad is well priced, easy to setup and even easier to use. It can be shared between Apple and Android users and is a tidy accessory for a bedside cabinet, table or desk.

While not being as fast as a cable its benefits make it a recommended buy for all owners of wireless charging enabled smartphones.

  • Performance
  • Value for Money
  • Quality

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