IMNEED GC-802 3200mAh Power Bank Review


The IMNEED GC-802 is a “lipstick” style USB power bank by Lumsing. It comes in a range of colours but the one I reviewed was black.

The device is rectangular in shape but the side edges have been rounded off. This make as compact as a cylindrical battery but less likely to roll around. For this reason I prefer it as it will stay where you put it without rolling off the edge of a table.


By my measurements the overall dimensions are approximately 97 x 22 x 22mm and it weighs 78g.

IMNEED 3200mAh USB Power BankThe microUSB charging port is at one end along with the standard USB socket. This socket allows you to use any USB cable you like to charge almost any 5V compatible device. That includes iPhones, Android phones, tablets, e-Readers and some cameras.

The packaging includes :

  • 3200mAh power bank
  • USB to microUSB cable (approx 52cm)
  • Instruction book

The cable can be used to charge the device or connect a portable device to the battery pack. It’s a standard cable so you can use other cables if you have them in your collection of gadgets.

The battery case is coloured aluminium which gives it a solid feel without being too heavy. Each end is white shiny plastic with a thin mirrored border.

The packaging is all cardboard which is something I prefer. No nasty plastic inserts or polystyrene.

IMNEED 3200mAh USB Power Bank


The official specifications printed on the box are :

Size3.77 x 0.86 x 0.86 inches
Weight2.68 oz
InputMicroUSB 5V/1A
OutputUSB 5V/1A

IMNEED 3200mAh USB Power BankThe capacity of this battery should ensure you can completely charge a standard smart phone with a bit to spare.  Tablet batteries are generally bigger but this device is still going to prove useful.

It’s size means it is fine for carrying in a pocket or handbag whereas larger power banks I tend to put in a rucksack as they are too heavy.

Overall this is a nice power bank and perfect for those times when you want the ability to recharge your phone but don’t want the weight of a larger power bank.

It is available for about £17 in the UK but as low as $14 in the US.

Check out the latest price of the IMNEED 3200mAh battery on Amazon.

Here are some photos :


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